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Our History

Elque & Co. Calcutta was founded in the year 1906. It was an amalgamation of a British trader Thomas Elque and an Indian landlord S N Sen.

The company was involved in the trading and finance of import and export between India and other countries of the British Raj. In the year 1962, Elque & Co. acquired agency for fishing products such as fishing hooks, tackle and accessories. The agency acted as a catalyst for fostering the vast coastal fishing resources of the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

With the end of the British Raj, the country saw a booming demand of export of Indian food products to Europe. The Mango Chutney and Condiments business was a sequel to the Anglo - European taste buds. Over five centuries of invasion and trade with India had developed the Anglo - European penchant for spices and condiments. The year 1965 witnessed the foundation of the first manufacturing and processing plant of Elque & Co. to cater to this emerging export market.

In the year 1972, Elque & Co. ventured into processing, packing and export of Indian origin Frozen Fish & Seafood. This expansion turned out to be a star business decision. The aggressive marketing and the worldwide demand for frozen seafood demand provided fillip to the revenue.

Elque Group Today

The Group, under the dynamic leadership of it's Chairman Anil Sen, has grown by leaps and bounds. The sharp acumen of Anil Sen, transformed the company by initiating a very diverse range of partnerships under it's umbrella. Pursuit of business excellence is now a way of life for Elque Group.

Today Elque Group is a vertically integrated organization. The group comprises of business - subsidiaries, suppliers and customers around the globe. The affiliates of the group work in harmony to form mutually prolific partnerships.

Elque Group currently operates five certified processing plants. Our processing facilities are continuously upgraded and re - conditioned to meet international Health & Hygiene Standards. Our plants are EU, BRC and BAP Certified.

Food Hygiene is our religion. Our personnel incessantly strive for the vision that our founder had more than 100 years ago, to deliver quality that you can Trust.